Kind Words

'Yvonne', a Client

After many failed attempts seeing counsellors, I can finally say I have found a counsellor I feel comfortable with, and can talk through my issues with, 've never felt pressured to talk and felt very safe. Felicity has given me a new take on counselling. In the past I have experienced textbook counsellors, which hasn’t worked for me. For the first time I feel I have a positive outlook on life and my future. I would highly recommend Felicity.

'Isobel', a Client

Outstanding Counselling

Absolutely outstanding counselling.  I have been to quite a few in the past and none of them have really helped unlike Felicity.  She has completely changed my anxiety issues.  Highly recommended.

'Neil', a Client

I've always thought of counsellors as wishy washy people who you off load, they listen, then patronise you. However Felicity really listened and supported me into getting a better insight of where I was in life and how I could move forward and create a better future for myself. My counselling with Felicity was unique, enjoyable and productive, and I will continue further sessions. 

'Yvette', a Client

Felicity is an amazing woman who has helped me throughout the years!  There is never any judgement from her and she has always made me feel comfortable when opening up about certain problems I've had!  Highly recommend!

GP Practice Manager, Gravesend

Felicity worked very well with our staff, and became a good member of our team. We received very positive feedback from our patients who experienced counselling with Felicity.

'Elizabeth', a Client

Instantly felt at ease with Felicity, I was very anxious and on edge about what to expect, what with it being my first time but I'm glad I took the gamble.  I already feel like I understand my emotions better, I've been able to open up about things that I never could and can speak very openly without judgement.  I would highly recommend Felicity, she really has helped me.

'Alison', a Client

I started undergoing my counselling sessions with Felicity after suffering extreme anxiety and mild depression for some years on and off. The first thing that struck me about Felicity was how at ease I felt with her. She was so calm, reassuring and down to earth, that I felt I could really open up.

I have been to some other counselling sessions with other people and it felt so clinical and a bit intimidating, therefore I really appreciated this with Felicity, I used all the techniques that Felicity recommended and I have to say it has really transformed my feelings about anxiety - I feel like a different person and can't thank her enough. She is a truly wonderful counsellor.

'Nigel', a Client

Felicity has really helped me through some tough times, and has given me some great life advice, I know if I’m ever struggling and need a shoulder, without failure Felicity has always been there supporting me.

'Richard', a Client

Initially I was unsure whether counselling was the right option or would even help.  Now I know it was the right decision.

Felicity is great, she made me feel heard, understood and helped me to see things from different perspectives.  It has been hard-going at times but I have noticed a shift in my anxieties and my responses to previously difficult situations has improved dramatically.