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I specialise in providing one-to-one therapy for Clients who need help with difficult life problems.  I provide a safe, confidential space where we explore thoughts, feelings and experiences, in order to create positive change towards a more satisfying way of life.  Therapy can help with many issues and concerns, such as;

  • Needing support to make positive career and/or life choices

  • Seeking guidance to develop skills to improve health, career and finances, etc

  • Having financial difficulties which lead to emotional issues

  • Generally feeling dissatisfied with life

  • Feelings of sadness that affects mood, behaviour and/or thoughts

  • Coping with difficult and distressing feelings by self harming

  • Coping with lifelong development disabilities which can cause difficulties with social interaction or restricted/repetitive patterns of behaviour​​

  • Needing support with a long term relationship

  • Having difficulties relating to sex and/or sexual identity

  • Needing to learn how to cope with difficult situations

  • Suffering from levels of stress that cause physical, mental and/or emotional problems​

  • Feeling vulnerable/helpless following an extraordinary event

  • Suffering from nightmares and flashbacks following a very frightening or distressing event

  • Having thoughts of suicide due to feeling able to cope

  • Concerned about dependence on drugs and/or alcohol

  • Developing unhealthy eating behaviours

  • Suffering from repeated obsessions and compulsions that cause feelings of anxiety

  • Suffering from any type of harmful treatment from others, ie, emotional, physical or sexual

  • Receiving abuse, threats and/or intimidation

  • Difficulty in adjusting to a multi-cultural society 

  • Being pressured to perform a sexual act against your will  

  • Being aggressive and violent towards others

  • Feeling intense apprehension or worry, having panic attacks and/or phobias

  • Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one

  • Coping with change or loss of physical or mental ability

  • Dealing with any kind of loss, eg, work, health or a relationship

  • Coping with ageing and maintaining wellbeing

  • Worrying about health or the diagnosis of illness

  • Suffering from complex infertility issues​

  • Suffering from levels of stress that cause physical, mental and/or emotional problems

  • Feeling worthless or useless or lacking in confidence

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